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Updated: Jan 23

I hope you found this blog because you are serious about your personal finances! You are ready to learn and slowly work towards Financial Independence.

I’m a big believer of keeping it simple, so in brief here’s a list of key points about me;

  • I live in the UK (outside of London but not by much - still in 'commuter belt').

  • I’m 25 years old currently and have managed to get most of my finances in a relatively ‘healthy’ order.

  • I have a partner who I live with in a flat. We are looking to buy a house asap.

  • I came across FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) lifestyle in December 2019 (at age 24) and decided that this is a path I’d like to go loosley focus on. My reasoning is I want security for my family to travel and maybe not work if I have children.

  • I am looking to reduce my hours as soon as possible and semi-retire at around 45 which gives me a time frame of 20 years

  • Ultimately I set up this blog to record my progress, goals for life and to hopefully become financially independent

  • I try to live the frugal lifestyle but I am not a minimalist I have of course cut back on unnecessary spending as part of increasing the all-important savings rate per month.

  • I am not a financial advisor. Please do not take my investment decisions as guidance for your own decisions. I will not be held responsible should anyone choose to ignore this advice.

The Longer Version

I live in Hertfordshire, with my partner. We are both cat crazy so this is a huge goal for us in 2021.

I graduated when I was 21 with a Business and Law degree. I was one of the first years to have to pay 9000 per year. I am very lucky to have secured grants and although I have student debt I am not concerned about this as its is paid pre tax and doesn't effect my credit rating.

My ultimate aim is to not have to work until the ripe old age of 68 and spend time with my kids when they arrive – Does anyone really want to work until then? Therefore I’m under the ethos of working your ‘socks off’ to begin with, with the aim to settle down and have all my passive financial income goals align themselves in the next 15 years (roughly when I’m around the age of 40).

I work in intellectual property so understand the value of Search Engine Optimisation and hope to use this to increase my blog following. I also enjoy volunteering with Girlguiding which I find a cheap hobbie that has so far taken me throughout the UK and to USA, Uganda France and Iceland all for very reduced rates.

Why do I want to blog about Financial Freedom?

Because the community is fantastic and I want to put my two pennies into the mix of learning this lifestyle. I found many of the blog centered around the 35-40 age range and none about starting at 25 but being slower. Also knowing just a small bit about money in the long run goes a long way.

I do wish they would teach ‘Money Management’ (even at a basic level) at school, adding it as a compulsory subject to the national curriculum. I have for many year side husseled as a tutor and am looking for Money education to be something I work on more through this blog and once I reach FI.

Ultimately I’m doing this blog down to a number of core reasons;

  1. Keeping myself focused on ensuring that I work towards my goals each year

  2. I would like to receive others thoughts, opinions and their journey’s to create that community spirit.

  3. I hope that eventually much of what I do can be passed down to younger generations who also seek financial independence.

Of course, if there’s any questions you’d like to ask me along the way then please do feel free to do so. I may not be able to respond immediately (due to work commitments) but I will make it a commitment to reply to anyone that does.

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