My Experiment Stock Portfolio

Updated: Jan 23

In Lockdown 1 I decided to experiment with buying individual stocks on Trading 212. I invested £200.00 to see if I could turn a profit in the most volatile trading period in modern history. I will update this each month with my comments.

November 2020

Profit on 15th: £6.29

Profit on 30th: -

My Stocks:

- Adidas

- Adobe Systems

- Akzo Nobel

- Boohoo


- Coca-Cola

- Cocrystal Pharma

- Deutsche Lufthansa


- Koninklijke Phillips

- Lakeland Industries

- McDonald's

- National Grid

- Premier Oil

- Realty Income

- Royal Dutch Shell

- Shopify


- Stobart Group

- Unilever

- Vanguard FTSE 100

- Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe

- Visa

- Vodafone

- WH Smith

Biggest Gain: Lakeland Industry with a 45.33% gain

Biggest Loss: Premier Oil with a 47.89% loss

Overall this has been a very positive month for this experiment! Lots of my consumer brands are on the up with WH Smith being an unexpected star. I am still waiting for the oil stocks to rebound but feel this may be a longer-term goal. I am not planning to sell anything currently but will see what happens with the fallout from the USA Election and UK Brexit preparations.

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